Stage 4 - The Build


Building Contracts

Although it is not a legal requirement, it is important to have some form of Building Contract in place. This protects both you and the Contractor in the event of a dispute and clearly sets out the work to be done and each party's responsibilities. I can advise you on the best form of Contract to use for your particular project and if necessary act as the Contract Administrator.



With certain contracts, it will be necessary to appoint a Contract Administrator to the job. This role is traditionally undertaken by the architect. Their job is to control the contractual elements of the job, certify payments, record variations and issue instructions. This ensures a record of the work is kept and that cost changes are agreed and recorded properly. Although appointed by the 'Employer', they have a duty to act fairly to both parties.


Project Management

During the build stage I offer a project management service. This involves Contract Administration and support to the contractor throughout the work. Typically I will hold fortnightly progress meetings on site, lasting an hour or two followed by meeting minutes and provision of any supporting information required. Valuations are produced monthly and all necessary certificates provided. I will also assist with Building Standards and external companies such as glazing companies where necessary as part of this service.