Stage 1 - Conceptual Design & Planning

Architect in Dundee

Initial Meeting

The Home Consultation meeting is a chance to discuss your plans for your home and get free, impartial advice on planning issues, design ideas, potential costs and timescales for your project. The meeting allows you to meet me face to face and decide if I am the right person for your project. It also allows me to decide if I am the right person to deliver your project and to show you what I can do for you. After the meeting, I will prepare a quote for my services, broken down into the project stages 1-4, each Stage is separate and by instructing me for Stage 1 you are not committed to any further Stages.

Measured Survey


Once you appoint me for Stage 1, we will firstly need to create a set of 'existing' drawings. To do so, a measured survey will be required. Normally I will be able to do the survey myself, however on more complicated or older buildings, or buildings with sloping sites, it may be necessary to have a professional surveyor undertake this. If you have any drawings available, it may be possible to scan and trace these but this is not always possible. 

Once the survey has been done, the existing drawings are prepared and concept design work can start!

Architectural Design

Concept Design

In order to give you a good range of ideas for your project, I provide you with three concept designs, based around the brief you have given me. These designs are a starting point in the evolution of your project and will be designed to inspire you and show you possibilities you might not have thought of. On smaller projects this will likely be three very distinct designs whereas on larger projects it may be more layout based, dealing with challenging spacial issues and strategies for re-configuring and extending your property. The designs will be presented in a concept document and sent electronically for you to view on a screen or print.

Architectural Drawings

Concept Meeting

Once you have had some time to digest the concept document, we will then meet to discuss the proposals, decide what you like (and don't like) about the designs and start to hone down the design into one coherent proposal. The nature of design means there are many possibilities and so starting broad and narrowing the choices makes the process efficient and means you don't have to retrace your steps further down the line.

House Extension


After meeting with you and discussing the options, I then develop one of the options (or a mix of various options) to suit your feedback. There may be further options to discuss before we come to a final design, but this varies from project to project.

Once the developed design is agreed and you are happy to proceed with planning, I will produce the required drawings for a planning package and submit an application to the Local Authority on your behalf.

Planning Permission


Planning applications are usually determined within two months of being registered. During the planning process, I keep in regular contact with the case officer for any updates and to ensure the best outcome for you. 

Once a decision is made and approved, we can think about the next Stage!